Proving Ground develops digital products in instances where commercial success is vital. We do it by understanding, exposing, and addressing the causes of commercial failure over the entire process, from initial concept through customer adoption.

The next age of digital marketing is here. Brands are doing more than joining conversations — they are enabling people to do things they couldn’t do before: big things and small things that matter to customers. Suddenly, doing business with these brands is more useful, more satisfying and more meaningful. In return, those brands will be rewarded in ways that are very tangible, such as more conversions, foot falls, a greater share of wallet, better retention and referrals — in short, more revenue.

Founded in 2010, Proving Ground is a handpicked team of experience designers, solutions architects, software engineers, integrators and customer behavior analysts who work alongside our clients to create original digital solutions to their toughest revenue challenges.


about-bio-danny bio-arrowDANNY DAVIS
Chief Executive Officer
about-bio-travis bio-arrowTRAVIS BAILEYChief Technology Officer & Solution Architect
about-bio-alan bio-arrowALAN DEETERStrategy
about-bio-steph bio-arrowSTEPHANIE CRITCHFIELDVice President, Marketing
about-bio-bharat bio-arrowBHARAT GUPTAChief Innovation Officer