Proving Ground develops digital solutions to real-world problems. We work with established brands, entrepreneurs, and other organizations to design, develop, and integrate highly functional web and mobile applications that improve customer relationships by improving customers’ lives.


MobileMarketer.com: Meeting mobile’s challenges with gaming strategy Jan 13 - The need to create meaningful mobile experiences for customers has never been greater. And it is not getting any easier. Despite the hype around and focus on increased strategy and spending in mobile by brands, there is still an air of frustration and disappointment with mobile initiatives. Mostly, this is related to the struggle to... Read more »
Proving Ground joins the ranks of Dragon Army Dec 05 - I am pleased to announce that Dragon Army has acquired Proving Ground. We will continue to be at the forefront of mobile experiences and help brands figure out the best and most impactful ways to engage their audiences. Now, with Dragon Army’s expertise, we will be able to tap into game theory to create richer... Read more »

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